Online group training.

It may not be easy – or even possible – to be in the same room right now. But we can still train together! Delivered via Zoom, my Online Group Training sessions are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Each 30-minute class focuses on a different part of the body – Legs, Arms, Core, Full-Body Cardio and Full-Body Strength. There’s no need for special equipment. I will work with what you have! It’s a fast-paced, dynamic, high-energy workout — and it’s fun!
And if you’re missing your friends, family or teammates right now, why not create a private group? Ask me about Workouts With Friends, a new flat-rate class designed by you – for those closest to you. Family, friends, colleagues, teammates – train together and stay connected. Great for motivation and staying in touch with people on different schedules or in different cities, it’s also more personalised to your needs, and adaptive to your group as you progress. Get stronger together! 


The first session is free!
  • Mini

  • 10-
  • 1 online group session

  • Better

  • 35-
  • 5 online group sessions

  • Best

  • 60-
  • 10 online group sessions

  • Amazing

  • 100-
  • 20 online group sessions

Weekly Schedule

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